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    Coach Carnell Henderson

    Mr. Henderson joined the Westlake High School community two years ago as our Assistant Principal of Athletics with a wealth of educational, administrative, and athletic experience. This athletic experience has come primarily in football as both a player and coach. As a player, Mr. Henderson is a High School Hall of Famer, scholarship athlete at Boston University, and a Boston University Athletic Hall of Famer. As a coach, Mr. Henderson, is a two-time high school state champion. He also coached college football for six years at Fairfield University, including a conference title in 1998, and was inducted into the Fairfield University Hall of Fame as a coach.


    Beyond his exceptional understanding of football as both a player and coach, Mr. Henderson has showcased his passion and dedication to everything Westlake High School stands for, consistently serving as a positive and supportive member of our entire community.. He is a strong advocate for all our students, families, staff, and community while understanding the opportunity for our student-athletes to grow and develop as students, athletes, and members of our larger school community. Mr. Henderson’s ability to connect to a wide variety of individuals by utilizing effective communication, detailed planning, and a strong core of values has served our community well. Mr. Henderson embraces our community and is very eager to step into this role to provide stability and leadership.

  • Coaching Staff



    HC-Carnell Henderson

    DC-Kellen Yancy

    OC-Anthony Fullerton

    OL-Randy Conejo

    DL-Jordan McBride

    LB-Eric King

    RB-Skip Hicks

    WR-Devin Lucien/Brian Stewart

    TE-Pat Cartmill

    DB/Strength-Justin Fabiculanan

    Asst Coach-Mike McClintock

    Operations-Jon Nekovar



    HC-Michael Brignac

    WR-Jason Heller

    Marcus Clowes-Asst Coach


    Rick Kelman-Field Operations

    Scott Blatt-Trainers

    Jeff Johnson-Game Day Operations