Tim lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with his wife, Amy Kirksey, and 3 Daughters, Ema, Lily, and Halle. His Mom and Dad, Scott and Sandy Kirksey, have always been his inspiration in coaching. Tim still regards his father as the greatest coach he's ever known and mother as the greatest source of empowerment on the planet. He was raised with his older Brother, Kris, who is now a Fire Captain in Kern County and Sister, Kym, who is an educator in Arizona. He is a proud Uncle and Cousin, as family is everything to the Kirkseys.


    Tim played football at Westlake High School and graduated in 1992. He continued his academic and athletic experience at Moorpark JC, then at CLU. Tim began coaching football at Westlake High School, as an assistant Varsity Coach, in 1998. Tim worked in Radiology while coaching all 3 levels during his 14 years as an assistant coach at Westlake. He coached at Oaks Christian as the Varsity Offensive Coordinator and learned from great coaches such as Bill Riddell. In 2016, Tim returned to Westlake High School as Head Coach. Tim considers the success of Westlake High School Football to BE about the families and community more than the school's impressive win loss record.



    HC - Tim Kirksey (OC)
    ST - Gil Scott Jackson
    DC - Mitch Dellibovi
    DL - Gus de la Pena
    LB - Ken Papotta
    DB - Justin Fabiculanan
    RB - Ellis Green
    WR - ZMac
    QB - McCaffrey
    OL - Mark Dutcher
    OL - Ron Rescigno

    Offensive Asst. - Danny Schneider
    VP - Rick Kelman


    HC - Bryan Hill (OC)
    DC - Brock Baldwin
    DL - Jake Montoya
    OL - Bob Alvarado

    RB - Danny Soto


    HC - Ryan Dyer
    DC - Branden Anderson

    OC - Micheal Brignac
    DL - Christopher Klifman
    DB - D'Andre Flowers
    OL - Randy Downard
    WR - Ernie Davis III
    RB - Ernie Davis Jr.

    LB - Ben Oken


    Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jeff McCann

    Trainer: Scott Blatt

    Director of Game Day Operations:
    Jeff Johnson