• Westlake High School Football Booster

    Mission Statement

    The Westlake High School Football Booster Club is dedicated to the nurturing of our young athletes into tomorrow’s leaders through the ongoing development, promotion, and financial support of the highly esteemed Westlake Football Program. We are an independent organization of parents, alumni, friends and local businesses who strongly believe in football’s ability to build educated athletes of character both on and off the playing field. With our schools ever more challenged financially, we rely on the energy and imagination of everyone in the community rallying together through volunteer assistance and various fundraising/high profile outreach programs to provide much needed resources. Our Football Program needs safe, working equipment, competitive coaching stipends, materials and supplies, as well as other financial support, not available through school funds, but essential for keeping the Westlake Football Program in a position to impact as many young athletes’ lives as possible.


    Mailing Address: WHS Football Boosters PO Box 6695 Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

    Tax ID # 26-1618608

  • VP Fundraising: Victoria Beyer/Kristina Goldberg
    VP Special Events: Open
    VP Volunteer Coordinator: Tucker Grace
    Field Operations: Brian Holland
    Member At Large: Jason Romero




    Discount Cards-John Meckfessel

    Poker Tournament-Open

    Banners/Scoreboard-Shannon Maurer/Jeff Maurer

    Media Guide-Victoria Beyer

    Golf Tournament-Kristina Goldberg

    Orange Seats-Julia Snyder

    Cornhole Tourn.- Jen Anderson/Shelly Butout/Kymm Thornton

    Basketball Tournament-Open

    Mom's Night-Anne Pettibone/Lauren Ramirez/Sophie Clowes

    Team Banquet-Sophie Clowes/Jen Meckfessel

    Senior Night/Movie Night-Open

    Merchandise-Shelly Butout

    Team Meals-Art Franco

    Snack Bar- Open

    Grill Master-Larry Storey

    Photography-Angel Ziese


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